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Terms, Conditions, Policies

Shipping policies:
We ship when paid, generally within 24 hours, but certainly within 2 business days. If you made a special order, or the item is backordred, then it will ship within 2 days of us receiving it from the manufacturer or supplier. We have found that Canada Post and Fed-Ex are generally the fastest and most economical nationally, and Canada Post Small Parcel Air (.99 kilogram/2.199 lbs or less), large package (1 kilogram/2.2lbs or more) for International, and that's who we use. If you want something shipped by other means, please let us know. We have excellent contracts with Fed-ex, national and International: if you want it shipped FAST, we'll let you know the cost.
Returns & Refunds policies:
On almost everything: we guarantee the quality. We take pictures of everything that is shipped, and if it is damaged more than is shown in the pictures, then you've bought it. We will refund items that you bought in error, or hold a credit note for you: less a 20% restocking fee in either case.
You pay the return shipping on parts you bought in error. We pay the return shipping on anything sent to you in error. We are not responsible for manufacturer defects on new parts, although we inspect them closely and catch pretty much any defects before it leaves here.
Taxes: on national and international shipment:
National: Provincial Taxes are collected in Canada as per the Province you are in.
International shipments: taxes are not collected here. It may be taxed by the country you are in. Small items generally are not, but that's not up to us.
General Policies:
We are here to serve you. If there is a problem, let us know, we'll be glad to go the extra mile to help. We handle ONLY Honda Goldwing Parts, so don't call us about parts for anything else: you simply waste your time and ours.

Damages or lost items in transport are the responsibility of the purchaser, and insurance is optional. Please let us know if you want the shipment insured.

In the event that we are temporarily out of inventory on an item, then we will fill your backorder as soon as is feasibly possible.


Our site is secure. We do not collect Credit Card information.

Any information you give us is and will be maintained completely confidential. NO ENTITY shall be aware that you deal with us unless we have your written appoval first, for reference. Keep your own site secure: we will not be licable for lack of security originating from your system.