Welcome to StraightWings Catalog & Cart area.


This is the cart and catalog for StraightWings. It is always UNDER CONSTRUCTION, adding new products, making it more navigable. There are approximately 2300 Vintage and not-so-vintage (1500, 1800, 1500 Valkyrie) items now loaded, and more parts coming as often as bikes are parted.

Searching: The search engine on this site is excellent. Go to the top left of this page to search for any part.  Many parts are known by different names internationally: local slang or 'common' terms. Search by trying various wordings for parts.

Shipping rates:  For larger items (fairings, saddle bags, wheels, engines and such) send an email inquiry. Shipping with FedEx on larger items, not the small ones: is almost always less expensive than Post. We do not have a FedEx calculator on the site, but we have a good FedEx contract rate.
Shipping used parts:
You pay, we ship, it's that simple. On used parts: they are out of here typically the day they are ordered, if ordered early on a week-day. If you need the parts in a REAL hurry we can overnight. If you are in 'Timbuctoo', we can get the parts there: you pay the freight and we'll  move it the way you want.

All North American purchases will be charged in the currency of your country shown in the address as you have registered it, in Canada : $CDN or the USA : $US.

All other countries will be charges in $US.

Thanks for visiting! Ride safe. 
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