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About our site

Used Vintage parts:
We are specialists in Vintage Honda Goldwing used parts, in the years 1975 through 1987: GL1000, GL1100, and GL1200: all models.
We occasionally part out GL1500's, but it's the exception, not the rule. We have a minor stock of GL1800 parts, mainly for personal use, but if you are in a pinch, we may be able to help.
NEW Goldwing Accessories:
We are distributors for Addon Accessories, and for Rivco Accessory parts. We carry very little inventory, but can turn any order around in 10 days. Because we order when it is ordered by you, and carry little or no inventory cost, we will flow it through to you at a discount of 17% flat rate from the prices publihed by those manufacturers on their sites. You get substantial savings in this way.
If you want referrals: go to eBay, member "StraightWings". Over 2000 trades, NO negatives. We know what we are doing, we ride Goldwings: we CARE.